360 Spin
Product Photography

What is 360 spin product photography?

360 “spin” product photography provides the viewer a 360-degree view of the article by shooting a complete set of images whilst the cameras rotate around the product.

Once all the photos are taken, they are edited together to make it an animated spin, kind of like a flipbook.

Increase sales

Include 360 spin product photography on your webshop, brand website, or in your ecommerce shops and apps, to give shoppers a way to connect with your product. Positively resulting in a higher conversion rate.

There are various ways of offering this kind of images, the most notable being:

Animated GIF

The image will rotate infinitely


The video will show the rotating image for a defined time

Interactive 360 Spin

The viewer can swipe to rotate and zoom the product by using a mouse or touchscreen.

What are the benefits of 360 spin product photography?

In-store product experience

360 degree product photography is currently one of the most powerful promotional tools, allowing your products to be viewed as if the shopper is in a store

Prevent sales returns

Informing your shoppers by showing all possible angles and details of your items will reduce the product return rate considerably.

Visual attraction

Simple product images don’t attract shoppers the way an in-store experience can. A 360 degree image is an animated object on your screen, which instinctively is caught by your page viewer’s eyes

Brand recognition

Creates a professional look that makes visitors feel confident in placing an order. Your elaborate method of showcasing is key in their connection with your products and you as a vendor.

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