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A few tips!

To make your product photography project successful and get the optimal results, there are some preparations to take into consideration. 

M.Bloq can advise you all the way during the process. But as it is all about your branding and your image, your input is invaluable to us. And, by thinking ahead you can get high quality results and save on expenses.

We compiled a list, with some useful tips and ideas below.



Product photography is used in many different aspects of business and advertisement. Each business requires different photography solutions.

We can provide tailor-made work best if we understand your business and its needs.

There are many different kinds of product photography, each serves its purpose. There are many options to boost your image on e-commerce platforms and on your webshop. Like classic photography with a clean white background, 360º spin photography, lifestyle composition, and infographics.

For marketing campaigns like advertising emails, brochures and magazines, vector files and lifestyle photography is more useful.

When communicating your project, it is important to know exactly what you are going to use the images for, so we can give you our best suggestions and support.

What is the most important angle to show your product? Which details are important to accentuate? Does your product need styling? What are the materials, color, weight, and dimensions?

The more we know, the better we can approach your project. Our professional team will prepare themselves, researching how we can add the best value to your project.

Logistics and planning are an important part of a shoot. A smooth, well-organized plan, creates efficiency and saves money and time. Shooting different objects with similar characteristics such as size, material, and style is faster and easier than jumping from glassware to backpacks back to gardening tools.

Therefore it is useful to combine similar articles in one shoot. We will provide assistance to plan our work as efficiently as possible.

We have a good idea of what we like, and how we think it’s supposed to be. But it’s not about us, it’s your project, your brand, your image. Tell us what you like.

When you have sample images or online inspiration you would like to use in your project, make sure to share it with us, so we can try to match it.

Perfection is in the details. Our equipment catches every aspect of the image, including scratches, dents, cracks, blemishes, and flaws.

When preparing the samples for us, make sure they are flawless and pack them individually and with extreme care. We use dusters, airguns, wipes, and gloves when handling your products, but this only works if they arrive in perfect condition.

We can offer blemish removal and thorough retouching of images in the unfortunate case this is necessary.

Don’t make it a puzzle. Include in your shipment, a list with all necessary product information so we can distinguish them easily. Make sure each article’s packaging has a clear label stuck to it for us to identify it. Then we can process them as efficiently as possible.

In case you want us to return the product, make sure to include a return shipping label. We will arrange the return once the project is finalized. If returning is not required, we will discard or donate the goods.

In case you need specific file names for your different images, inform us timely. To avoid double handling of projects, all information needs to be clear from the start.

Standard file formats are used for all our files. In case you have specific needs, make sure we know about them too.

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