Amazon Product Photography

How Amazon product photography packages help to build your brand and increase sales

As in all e-commerce and online presence, photos are a vital aspect of Amazon listings. Images help to build trust and confidence, they explain your products visually, aiding in improving your sales, and to avoid negative reviews.

For visitors to interact with your products on Amazon, product photography and 360 spin photography is the closest option to an in-store experience.

Good images show surface details, and texture, simulating the touch and feel of your product.

Viewing it from different angles, is easily made possible by our 360 spin photography solutions.

Product functionality and features in infographics make your customer’s experience complete.

How you show your images, reflect your brand’s quality and company image.

Attracting shoppers, keep them interested and convince them to purchase. This results in happy, returning customers and good reviews.

Importance of product photography on Amazon

Shopping online is done mainly by looking at photos of products first, before reading into the description or the details. Therefore, high quality images make a significant difference in the consumer’s perception of the product, your brand, and your company.

Making the online shopping experience a close resemblance to visiting a store, is the trick to connect your shoppers with your products. Being able to see all angles, zoom in on details and have an infographic showing your product’s functionality and features will entice shoppers to buy from you rather than your competitors.

Looking at some statistics, photography is what sells the product on Amazon:

On average a visitor reads only 20% of the text on a product page, yet they will view every single product image.

63% of consumers explained that product photos and visible content are more important than descriptions. 


And 53% say product images are even more important than ratings and reviews.

When browsing through search results on Amazon or any e-commerce platform, visitors click the image that catches their eye first. A high quality product picture as the main image in your product post is your billboard.

In conclusion, professional product images differentiate you from your competition, and reflect your company’s brand and image.
With our Amazon Product Photography Packages, we create a full set of images of your product to show its details, features, and key data such as dimensions and materials

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