Product Photography

What is Professional Product Photography?

Essentially professional product photography is done using specific techniques showcasing products in an appealing way for potential buyers.

Product photography is a vital element in online and offline advertising for webshops, catalogues, brochures, newspapers and magazines, billboards, online ads and corporate websites and retail packaging, especially when the sales of the product is aimed at consumers.

Why do you need professional product photography?

If you sell online, it is a must to use professional pictures to boost your sales. For more than twenty percent of purchase returns, customers are indicating that the picture did not match the actual product. 

Minimise administration of refunds and ensure satisfied customers with professional product photos.

Our Services

MBloq Product Photography China

Standard photo

Professional, clear, sharp photography showcasing your product from the best angles. Ready to upload on all the popular platforms.

Hero Image

Your product’s main image, a professional shot with additional touch up, higher resolution and transparencies.

Product Colorization‚Äč

Showcase your products in all available color combinations.

Photoshop Retouch

High Quality extensive Photoshop Retouch, done by our experts.

Infographic Image

Infographic image to highlight your products specs and features.

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